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"Termosistemu projektai"

General Info

UAB has large experience in preparation of investment plans for Industry, DH and other companies of energy sector. It actively participates in the preparation of electricity, district heating planning methodology, coordinated by Lithuanian energetic agency.

Areas of expertise:

  • Advises on the specific energy issues (electricity, heat, N. gas supply systems);
  • The promotion of new technologies (CHP, condensing economizers and etc.)
  • Ecological problems of gas, solid and liquid pollutant emissions into the atmosphere; inventory of pollution; ways of pollution reduction; calculations of pollution scattering;
  • Analysis and preparation of technological solutions for steam and condensate systems;
  • Determination of heat losses, evaluation of insulation quality, leak detection;
  • Optimization of complicated thermotechnical systems using "PINCH TECHNOLOGY" method;
  • Modeling and optimization of gas, steam and water pipelines (large networks);
  • Feasibility studies (based on business and social economy analysis) in field of energy production, distribution and consumption areas.

Target audience: Energy consultants, industry, DH companies, Regional Energy Agencies, EU FR6 and etc.