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Diadyma S.A.

General Info

Diadyma S.A. is involved in waste recovery, waste-to-energy and private public partnerships in waste-to-energy. The company designed, implemented and operates the first integrated solid waste management system at regional level. Now in West Macedonia there are 9 transfer stations and one sanitary landfill to cover the whole needs of the region. Their aim is to build and operate a plant (Funds of public and private sector) which is going to use the biomass of the waste in order to produce energy. The studies are ready and they are preparing the tender.

The system will use the waste not only from the Region of Western Macedonia but from other municipalities and regions as well. In order to succeed they want to develop a transfer control system to organise the mobile equipment. Areas of expertise: Implementation of regional waste management plan of Western Macedonia (100.000 tn/yr MSW, 300.000 inhabitants, 61 municipalities) - Waste recovery, waste-to-energy. Their primary aim is to change the bahaviour of the citizens of the region about the waste. They believe that the future in energy production in Greece lies in the renewable sources and one of the most important is biomass because ''waste never stops existing''.