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General Info

The DLV Advisory Group is a large commercial organisation providing technical, economic and management advice to farmers and the agri- and food business as well as consultancy services to private and public institutions. As the former governmental Agricultural Extension Service, DLV has during its more than 100 years€ history played a major role in giving The Netherlands its top international position as agricultural producer and exporter.

The core of DLV business is to advise farmers in all agricultural sectors on how to optimise production, technically and economically and in an environmentally sustainable manner. DLV advisors work in teams, and have ample knowledge and experience of both the general management and specific aspects of a particular agricultural activity.

To public institutions, DLV provides expertise in strategy and policy development, management advice, and training for effective and efficient agricultural development. With about 500 employees, DLV is one of the largest consulting companies in Europe of its kind.

Areas of expertise: Everything related to agriculture and horticulture (plant production, animal production and institutional development. DLV focuses on commercially oriented projects involving primary production as well as chain management. Clients are private firms, public institutions and NGOs. DLV's experts also co-ordinate the supply of advisory services to farms and companies outside Holland, and co-ordinate and carry out agricultural development projects financed by national and international donors. One of its fields of interest is energy production and energy use.

DLV's areas of expertise are:

  • Consultancy on energy efficiency
  • Consultancy on sustainable energy in the agricultural sector and horticultural sector
  • Renewable energy project development
  • Research and development related to sustainable energy technologies
  • Changing citizens behaviour
  • Dissemination of information

DLV has specialists with expertise on heat pumps, biogas, biofuel, energy crops, small wind farms, biomass production and combined heat and power applications.

Target audience: governments, companies and non-governmental organizations: mainly related to agriculture