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Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Ávila


Energy Agency of the Province of Ávila

General Info

The main objective of the Energy Agency of the Province of Ávila (APEA) in Spain, is to improve energy efficiency, to make the most of local energy resources - new or conventional - and to seek optimum energy supply conditions in rural and urban areas in such a way to best contribute to:
  • Development and enhancement of the County Council competitiveness
  • Improvement of the quality of life of the citizens
  • Environmental conservation and improvement

APEA is one of 30 Energy Efficiency Advice Agencies in Spain part financed by the European Commission (DG TREN) for three years under the SAVE programme from 2001-2004 and cofinanced by the Ávila County Council.

In this respect, the Ávila Energy Agency would like to provide advice, working in partnership in a number of projects, both locally and at European level - see below for details.

The Agency works and co-operates in the following areas:

  • Cogeneration (Tertiary sector, public buildings)
  • Public lighting
  • Saving energy at home
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES): Biomass, Thermal Solar energy, Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Hydraulic, Wind power.
  • International contacts at EU level Energy Audits: addressed to Municipalities and SMEs (collect energy consumption data, survey energy-using equipment, etc)

Target audience: Public and private organizations, training centers, etc.