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General Info

The areas of expertise of EYDAP are:
  1. Hydroelectric Power Plants: As part of the development of new activities in the energy sector, a plan is underway by EYDAP to convert energy dissipation installations along its aqueducts, to power production installations, utilizing Small Hydroelectric Plants (SHPs). This new hydroelectric power production activity has stemmed from EYDAP's cooperation with K.A.P.E. (Center for Renewable Energy Sources), which undertook to construct two SHPs along the Mornos Aqueduct (at the Kirfi and Elikonas locations), the operation of which will soon be undertaken by EYDAP. Subsequently, on its own initiative, EYDAP contracted the construction of three more SHPs along the Mornos Aqueduct, specifically at the Kithaironas, Kleidi and Mandra locations. Moreover, three more SHPs, which will be situated at the Evinos, Vari (in the potable water network) and Helidonou locations, are currently being designed. The SHPs will be operated as independent electric power production plants, and will be connected to the existing power company Medium Voltage (MV) network.

  2. Thermoelectric Power Plants: At present, biogas produced during the process of wastewater treatment is burnt in flares. Though many stages of the treatment process demand large amounts of thermal and electric power, the thermal power of biogas remains unexploited. The thermoelectric power plants that EYDAP has constructed in its Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) make use of this power. EYDAP has prepared a comprehensive energy program for the Psittalia WWTP, which includes:
    • The expansion of the existing biogas combined power production plant from 7,14 ΜWe to 11,39 ΜWe, so as to fully exploit the biogas produced and to meet electrical (including backup power for the protection of the Saronicos Gulf during power outages), and low enthalpy thermal demand.
    • The installation of a 35 ΜWe natural gas combined power plant that will produce electric power, and meet high enthalpy thermal demand, i.e. sludge thermal processing - drying.
    Similarly, as part of EYDAP's general energy investment plan, a biogas combined thermal and electric power production plant will be constructed at the Metamorphosis WWTP. The scope of this project is to exploit the energy of the locally produced biogas.

  3. The "Gas Company of the Suburbs S.A." (E.A.P.), is an affiliated company of EYDAP S.A. (35%), ELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI-TEV S.A.(35%) and AKTOR S.A. (30%). After award in an international tender sponsored by EPA Attikis, the "Gas Company of the Suburbs S.A." became EPA's exclusive licensed associate for the promotion of natural gas connections for domestic and small professional customers in the north-eastern part of Attica. The "Gas Company of the Suburbs" area of jurisdiction includes the following municipalities: Ag. Paraskevi, Halandri, N. Psyhiko, Psyhiko, N. Kifissia, Holargos, Kifissia, Marousi, Melissia, N. Penteli, Papagou, Pefki, Penteli, Filothei, Vrilissia, Ekali, N. Heraklio, Lykovrisi, Metamorfosi, N. Erythrea, N. Halkidona, N. Ionia, N. Filadelfia as well as a part of the Municipality of Athens (representing 38% of the total area). Two customer service shop-centers are already operating in Ag. Paraskevi and N. Ionia. Prospective natural gas users can find important information at these centers regarding the new energy source as well as technical and financial support regarding the new connection. By taking advantage of EYDAP's experience and knowledge in the area of public utilities, new natural gas customers will securely join the ranks of 75 million households and 5 million professionals all over the European Union already using this economic energy source.