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IPSE - Planning Institute for Energetic Solution

General Info

IPSE generates in the so-called Non-interconnected Areas that are confirmed geographically isolated populations. They have been identified and classified in twelve groups located geographically in the Orinoquia region, in Amazonia, on the Pacific Coast and in other areas of Colombia, consisting of towns and isolated municipalities with a dificult connection to the interconnected (grid) system.

This areas extend to some 756,000 km2 and have an installed capacity of 116 MV, mainly provided by thermal generation plants based on fossil fuels, shuch as diesel (ACPM).

Intersts of IPSE in renewable energy or substitution for diesel fuel extend to studies on hydropower, biomass & bioenergy as well as generation of electricity from agricultural residues such as rice husks, gasification of forest residues and the use of combustible substitutes such as liquid petroleum gas.

IPSE is interested in obtaining International Co-Operation and Transfer of Technology. They are looking to establish a program for the expansion and substitution for electric power generation, replacing the use of fuels with a negative impact on the invironment, with alternative renewable energy source, such as bioenergy and micro hydroelectric power stations whenever these options are economically viable.