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PlasMARRC's Plasma Pyrolysis Vitrification (PPV) systems are designed for the thermal treatment of many types of wastes. The PPV process is environmentally safe, based on completely enclosed systems and does not release any toxic fumes into the air or produce any hazardous ashes. It converts waste streams (organic and inorganic) into energy at temperatures in excess of 5,000 - 7,000 degrees C, resulting in two by-products; gases that can be used as a source of energy at a gain over cost of operations and solid inert slag or glass which can be sold or utilized for various industrial applications. This patented process differs from conventional incineration since the off-gases are mostly (40% Hydrogen) and (55% Carbon monoxide) that can be used as fuel to produce heat, steam and/or electricity or as syngas for production of chemicals such as methanol.

Areas of expertise: The design and manufacture of plasma technology as heating system for waste treatment system as well as providing education, marketing, distribution, leasing and sales of the technology and services.

Target audience: Waste disposal organisations.