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General Info

Hinicio is a business consulting firm which specializes in advising and working with corporations, new ventures, investors and public authorities on sustainable energy and transport strategies. Its objective is to foster cooperation and innovation in a variety of fields including wind, solar, bio-energies, hydrogen and fuel cells. Hinicio operates from its headquarters in Brussels and has a branch office in Caracas, Venezuela, covering Latin American markets.

Areas of expertise:

  • Business consulting (industrial strategies, business planning, market entry, market research)
  • Technology consulting (feasibility studies, life cycle analysis, carbon mitigation projects (e.g. CDM))
  • EU affairs and project management (opportunity analysis, project formulation, consortium and project management)
  • Project financing (public and private fund raising)
  • Latin American Renewable Energy hub (technology transfer and CDM projects)

Target audience:

  • Corporation and industry groups seeking efficient energy and GHG emission reduction solutions
  • Technology developers, entrepreneurs and startups
  • Investors and financial community (International donors, investment funds, carbon funds, VC,...)
  • Regional governments seeking strategic expertise in sustainable energies