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Yayasan Pelangi Indonesia

General Info

The aim of Yayasan Pelangi Indonesia is to be an independent research institute with a national and international reputation and become a pioneer through its studies and advocacy on energy, climate change, urban transport and air quality issues. It aims to be a global environmental think tank to form a society that self-governs and secures the quality of its natural resources and environment while pursuing socio-economic well-being that is equitable and democratic.

In the field of energy, Pelangi strive forward to promote an increased share of renewable energy in the national energy mix by advocating support policies to the government and campaigning on renewable energy to stakeholders at all levels.

In addition, rational use of energy issues will be addressed through energy efficiency and sustainable transport outreach. All these efforts contribute directly to reach MDGs especially poverty alleviation and to mitigate the anthropogenic climate change risks.

Areas of expertise: advocating green energy legal policies, renewable energy capacity building and outreach, promoting energy efficiency for non-star hotels, climate change mitigation in energy sector, transport demand management, non-motorized transportation, clean air law .

Target audience: the Government of Indonesia and its agencies/bodies including regional/local government. the national public the local community the local/national NGOs, NPOs and other organizations the private sectors (energy business and energy users).