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Utilities Ltd

General Info

Utilities Ltd is in the process of constructing a Center for Energy, Energy Sources, Environment and New Technologies in Sliven, Bulgaria. The Center will be a major centre for distribution and outsourcing of new technologies in the energy and HVAC sector with an emphasis on renewable energy sources and new efficient materials preserving the environment. Companies such as REHAU and Viessmann will contribute to the development of the Center.

Utilities Ltd. has a pending certification under article 16, paragraph 5 and article 18, paragraph 2 of the Bulgarian national law on Energy Efficiency in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2002/91/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union concerning the energy characteristics of buildings.

Areas of expertise: changing citizens' behaviour, dissemination of information, advice on specific energy issues, energy auditing, promotion of technology, energy efficiency in buildings, CHP, small wind farms, solar energy, insulation, etc.

Target audience: public, industrial and residential sector.