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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership


General Info

REEEP aims to accelerate the global market for renewable energy and energy efficiency and it has a long history of working in all areas targeted in the Intelligent Energy – Europe II Program. It is best suited to support any project in the field of energy efficiency and renewables with effective communication facilities. It has qualified international staff, which allows the development and implementation of any system or facility needed to embrace project results under the Europe II program.  

Under the Europe II Program, REEEP would be interested to partner with
other organizations offering in particular its information dissemination
and communication facilities
. It would exclusively aim to act only as a
partner in a larger consortium and doesn't intend to have a leading

In particular, the reegle search engine and the toolkits system provide a state-of-the–art, structured sharing of lessons learned which can be adapted to specific project and stakeholder needs. For a detailed report and information, please click here.

Areas of expertise: Policy, Regulation, Standards & Labeling, Risk Mitigation, Innovative Finance, Business Models, CDM, Rural Electrification, ESCOs, TRECs, energy efficiency in buildings.

Target audience: Policy makers, legislators, local governments, municipalities, finance community, development community and the media in developing countries and economies in transistion (EITs).