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AER - Assembly of European Regions

General Info

The Assembly of European Regions is a platform of 255 Regions from 30 Eurpoean countries. Following the recent developments at global and EU level on the energy issue, and in the framework of its long-term involvement in favour of sustainable development, the AER decided last year to launch its own energy strategy. This strategy was completed this year by an AER Action Plan on Energy 2006-2013.

The main objective of this Action plan is three-fold:

  • First, to help regional authorities to monitor and lobby legislative developments regarding energy at EU level (Reaction to Green Paper, for example)
  • Second, to stimulate the exchange of best practices among Regions of Europe, even beyond the EU border, in order to promote the use of RES and rationale energy management at regional level (through organisation of seminars, and the use of internet tools)
  • Third, to offer a platform to Regions to look for partners and boost the setting up of interregional projects in favour of RES (through ad hoc projects exchange fora, and internet tools) In addition, the AER as such is looking forward to play a leading role for promoting RES and energy efficiency: It has recently taken part in the IEE Call for events, in order to organise, in partnership with the Region of Valencia in Spain, energy days in June 2007.

Areas of expertise: The AER has two main assets:

  • Thanks to its 255 members, its 20 years of experience, and its permanent contacts to EU institutions, it can valuably contribute to monitoring and influencing the EU decision-making process, in order to make the voice of the Regions heard, and to effectively promote the setting up of efficient tools for RES and energy efficiency
  • In addition, the AER has proven that it could offer an efficient platform for the wider exchange and dissemination of best practices among regional authorities, but also among 'normal' citizens and other stakeholders interested, who can all attend its meetings and have free access to its website.

The AER is therefore not an expert in the field of energy, since its field of activities is much wider; nevertheless, it has committed to play a strong role in this issue, relying on its main assets, i.e., as a lobby organisation and as a platform for exchange of know-how and projects.

Target audience:

  • Regional authorities, but also citizens living in the Regions: They play a key role in implementing the policies, or taking advantage of the initiatives for RES launched by the Regions.
  • Regional energy agencies, since they represent important partners for regional authoritiies, to help them in the setting up and implementation of their projects.
  • Other stakeholders, like univerisities and research centres, which can bring valuable expertise for the development of energy projects.