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Association of Technical Contractors for Building Industry

Asociace montaznich firem technickych zarizeni

General Info

Association of Technical Contractors for Building Industry is a major promoter of end-use efficiency of both energy and water. It has a commercial interest in reducing resource consumption and are in a position to actively promote energy efficient equipment and to maintain its performance level through regular inspection and maintenance. It is qualified to do energy checks of buildings and advise end-users on the most economical solution. Association of Technical Contractors for Building Industry is also an important player in the field of renewable sources of energy, it installs and maintains solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, biomass boilers, heat pumps and others. It is actively involved in awareness raising campaigns, vocational training and professional qualification systems.

The Association launches and realises campaigns and projects as a centre of competence for energy efficiency of buildings. It is its overall objective to accelerate the market entry of more energy-efficient as well as renewable energy technologies and services to building sector. Moreover it helps implement European Union and national energy legislation and gives advice to governmental officials in order to develop and implement quality labels and minimum standards for energy efficiency.

Areas of expertise: energy efficiency in buildings, renewable energy technologies, market transformation and changing citizens' behaviour campaigning.

Target audience: national, regional and local key actors, industry, end consumers and governmental organisations.