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Winrock International India - Bangalore Office

General Info

Winrock International India (WII) aims to:
  • encourage and empower primary users of natural resources to sustainably manage the resources,
  • promote energy efficiency and use of renewable energy for a cleaner environment and
  • to understand and address the challenges of global climate change, and
  • to reach out to involve people, communities and institutions to strengthen efforts to develop and implement sustainable solutions.

Areas of expertise:

  • Energy efficiency - training and capacity building - across the world
  • Conducting detailed energy audits, energy benchmarking studies, technology assessment studies, feasibility studies, implementation guidance & support.
  • Information dissemination and outreach.
  • Technology transfer facilitation of energy efficiency and environmental friendly projects
  • Demonstration of pilot projects and commercialisation.

Target audience: Multilateral and Bilateral agencies, Industrial sector, buildings, utilities, corporate sector, etc.