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Centrul pentru Promovarea Energiei Curate si Eficiente in Romania


Center for Promotion of Clean and Efficient Energy in Romania

General Info

ENERO is a non-governmental, non-profit R&D organisation active in the energy field with the following objectives:
  • to develop the efficient and clean use of energy, renewable energy sources and to support new and innovative energy technologies;
  • to promote the European policy and initiatives in the energy and transport field;
  • to provide a focal point for local collaboration with European or international organisations

Specific activities include:

  • research projects, consultancy and market studies
  • collaboration with Romanian and European market actors for the implementation of sector-specific advanced technologies
  • policy promotion on RUE and RES topics
  • promotion of the results of European / international energy projects and programmes, with targeted information retrieval and dissemination.

Areas of expertise: Research projects, energy issues, promotion of technology, dissemination of information, market and case studies, promotion of policy on renewable energy sources (wind, direct solar, biomass & bioenergy, hydropower, photovoltaics, geothermal), on energy efficiency (buildings, industry, transport), and on sustainable development.

Activities are targeted at local and regional authorities, manufacturers, legislative bodies, financing organisations, small enterprises, consulting firms, universities, specialists and researchers in energy and transport field.