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EIU - Energy Institute of Uganda

General Info

Energy Institute of Uganda is a professional non-profit making body for the energy industries both nationally and internationally. EIU's purpose is to promote safe, environmentally responsible and efficient supply and use of energy in all its forms and applicatations. The Institute works to accomplish this through the services provided to individuals and organisations to the benefit of society as a whole.

The Institute aims to promote the interests of Uganda's energy industry and enhance the safety and health of Uganda's environment, establishing professional research, education and training, providing advocacy issues in the energy industry and forum for advancing energy knowledge.

Areas of expertise: knowledge and information provision through conferences, technical publications and journals and online activities, extensive technical and scientific support across the energy industries, education, training and library information service provision.

Also, working with industry to provide technical solutions and best practice on health, safety and environment issues, stimulating and facilitating policy debate and influence, providing regional, national and international networks to bring the energy community together.

Target audience: energy rural communities, energy user, energy stakeholders, and the general public.