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ERHA Consulting Group

Deutscher Finanzierungs- und PPP Beratungsverband fuer die Oeffentlich

General Info

ERHA Consulting Group is a management and financial consultancy company. It carries out (pre-)feasibility studies for public and private sector in energy in the context of Public Private Partnerships (PPP). It also works in advising central and regional governments re. sector related energy issues in the context of PPP -assisting municipalities and Regional development agencies in structuring PPP financing and funding (project finance ,private equity, corporate finance, Structural Funds, subsidies and bridging finance).

Areas of expertise: Changing citizens' behavior, advice in specific energy issues, promotion of technology, energy efficiency in buildings, small biogas plants, small hydropower plants.

Target audience: Industry (construction, energy and renewables), Regional/Municipal authorities, Central governments (EU 25 + accession candidates).