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ASTER - Scienza Tecnologia Impresa

General Info

ASTER - Scienza Tecnologia Impresa is a consortium between the Universities of the Emilia-Romagna region, the research centres, the regional government, the regional Chambers of Commerce and the main entrepreneurial associations.

The mission of ASTER consists of the promotion of industrial research, technology transfer and innovation in the region. Its main target are represented by both providers of knowledge (research world) and potential users (enterprises and institutions). ASTER collaborates with the former for the exploitation and spread of research results (also at international level), while to the latter it offers assistance in technology and knowledge transfer, thus enabling continuous innovation and increased competitiveness.

In order to attain these goals, ASTER has been appointed to create and support the network for technology transfer, also by the offer of services, the launch of projects, the realisation of research contracts and strategic technology.

Target audience: Research bodies, enterprises, institutions.