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M&C Energy Group

General Info

McKinnon & Clarke Ltd aims:
  • to minimise cost to its customers both in terms of cost per unit and through efficient utilisation
  • to reduce CO2 emissions and in turn assist organisations to meet their CO2 obligations
  • to help companies meet IS14001 standard and to meet their corporate responsibility commitments in terms of removal of waste, using a green energy approach
  • to help its customers improve profits by good energy policies and in turn improve the environment

Areas of expertise: Global expertise in price and tariff optimisation and negotiation in electricity, gas, fuel oil for industrial, and commercial companies, as well as public sector. Energy audits, turnkey projects, energy performance contracts, water auditing, waste management, environmental audit, emissions trading and compliance support, CO2 trader. Electrical, mechanical, chemical engineering skills. Bespoke software for managing utility data in all formats from 10 minute to hourly data. Tendering, reportage surveys, bill verification and bureau service capability. Environmental software, volume trading and cross border trading of utilities in deregulated markets. Operating in 18 Countries in Europe, Asia and USA.

Target audience: Multinational companies, large energy users, commercial and industrial sector (both heavy and light) or technology. Retail and commercial chains e.g. bank, supermarkets etc. Companies who wish to have continuous control over utility costs and with a commitment to both optimising cost and efficiency, as well as operating responsibly towards the environment.