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Sofia Energy Centre Ltd


General Info

SEC - Sofia Energy Centre was established in 1997 as a successor of European Community Energy Centre Sofia (established 1992) and works in the execution and implementation of different European energy projects in Bulgaria. During its activity period the company has been involved in different PHARE, THERMIE, SYNERGY, SAVE, ALTENER, FP4, FP5, FP6 and IEE projects and actions. The necessity of rational energy use and decrease of environmentally harmful emissions, while at the same time meeting the growing demand for energy, is the basis of Sofia Energy Centres activity. It mainly works in energy efficiency at the final consumer (building, industry, etc.), co-generation, wider use of solar, wind and bio energy.

Sofia Energy Centre follows the policy of the EU for promotion and implementation of new energy technologies for a more efficient and clean energy use at local, regional and national level aiming to reach sustainable development.

Areas of expertise:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings: energy audits, social housings, LCA and LCC, innovative concepts and technologies, finanacial schemes, changing citizen's behaviour;
  • Energy efficiency in industry: CHP, horizontal energy technologies, energy efficiency of DH systems, energy assessments;
  • Clean technologies for fossil fuels;
  • Solar energy: solar collectors and PV;
  • Biomass/Bio-fuels: potential of different types of biomass, promotion of production and use of pellets and bio-fuels;
  • Hydro and wind energy;
  • Financing schemes;
  • Energy policy and planning and
  • Municipal initiatives.

Target audience:

  • Professionals from energy sector;
  • Professionals from building sector;
  • Local and regional authorities;
  • Universities and
  • End users.