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The North East London Energy Efficiency Advice Centre (NELEEAC) is a non-profit organisation and is responsible for providing energy advice and services to domestic and business customers across North East London. Staff in the organisation has over 30 years of experience in the provision of energy management services. NELEEAC has extensive links with local authorities, government bodies, and also private companies who have been partners on projects aimed towards improving the capitals efficiency.

NELEEAC is part of a group of organisations, which include Thames Energy, an Energy Services Company (ESCo) which provides Energy Management services to the public sector, including schools and small and medium enterprises.

NELEEAC has also been involved in a number of Energy Services projects in partnership with Local Authorities in both urban and rural locations. These include:

  • CHP for an old peoples sheltered accommodation in Waltham Forest
  • Setting up and managing an energy services company for developing renewable energy supplies on the Isle of Anglesey, Wales
  • Provision of primary energy utilities, design and maintenance services to District Councils.
  • Solar PV for the use in Leisure centres and Schools in London
  • Performance of a solar energy initiative for Local Authority housing
  • Design and delivery of postgraduate University degree renewable energy courses
  • Developing the Isle of Anglesey into a renewable energy Island
  • Solar PV systems for commercial transport
  • Wind energy for overnight charging of vehicle batteries
  • Ethanol for use as bio-fuel in a rural context.

Areas of expertise: Training and Installation of Biomass and Wood Pellet CHPs.

Target audience: Schools, Local Authorities, Leisure Centres, Swimming Pools, Shared Accommodation, Hospitals and Colleges.