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Szeged Pole Development Public Co

General Info

Szeged Pole Development Public Co indicates that in Hungary at the moment (September 2006) the energy market is under transformation due to the appearance of traditional energy getting and the alternative energy sources. An important element of the transformation both in the gas and current market is the liberalization realized step by step. This means that from the middle of 2007 there will be talk about a completely liberalized market, so the client can buy the service from the chosen supplier. A group of the clients disposes only few information and influencing opportunities. The Agency believes that this is why the initiative of the European Union makes sense, and it supports the creation of an organisation which, in general terms, supplies the different energy groups with information and takes part in the creation and adaption of common energy sources.

Tasks carried out by the Agency include:

  • Energy purchase consultative activity
  • Optimization of authority-public utility in contract legal environment and in the free market
  • Influence of contract and tariff conditions
  • Influence on the market, lobbies in different directions
  • Information sharing in traditional and alternative energy purchase topic, creating platforms
  • Agency can provide consultancy
  • Agency can use internet surfaces and publish newsletters
  • Can organize different conferences, trainings, events
  • In the frame of innovative partnership agency organize project incubation, adaptions
  • Knowledge management

The Agency's target group includes different community organizations, municipalities, municipal institutions, non-profit sphere, and, in the business sphere, medium and large energy consumption enterprises.