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Forest Research

General Info

Forest Research, as the research agency of the GB Forestry Commission, is primarily interested in the support and expansion of biomass usage within UK and in the development of innovative, practical approaches and technologies in support of this aim. By drawing on its research experts in different scientific disciplines, Forest Research is able to:
  • monitor and analyse the environmental impacts of harvesting,
  • processing and burning woodfuel,
  • and to provide practical advice to those implementing woodfuel systems.

Forest Research runs the UK Biomass Energy Centre.

Areas of expertise: Advice on specific energy issues (biomass, woodfuel harvesting and processing, short rotation coppice, supply chains, pellets, fuel specifications, carbon stocks in biomass and soils, carbon sequestration, carbon modelling, climate change, research forests, etc) Dissemination of information Siting of wind farms.

Target audience: Provision of evidence for policy makers; Dissemination of information to all actors involved in biomass; Collaborators interested in developing and demonstrating new technologies.