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Deerns raadgevende ingenieurs bv

General Info

Deerns Consulting Engineers helps clients build a comfortable, safe and sustainable working environment. To that end, it develops - from the first concept to detailed design and construction management - the technical and technological infrastructure of buildings and related facilities.

Deerns plays a leading role as technical consultants and engineers. It makes a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience available to its clients, combined with the enthusiasm of its highly dedicated, service-oriented professional and support staff.

To foster an innovative and professional atmosphere, it invests heavily in attracting, developing, exciting and retaining talented professionals.

It maximizes its added value, wherever relevant, in productive co-operation with service partners that match its ambitions and standards.

Areas of expertise: Energy & Environmental Studies

Combating Global Warming and taking "no regret measures" is not only a widely supported ambition among many corporations and public organisations, it is also an increasingly stringent embedded requirement in building legislation, both in Europe and in large parts of the United States.

Many of its clients strive to develop real estate in a future proof fashion, combining energy-efficiency and environmental responsibility with future flexibility and ease of operation in a highly competitive real estate market.

It has developed advanced tools for energy management purposes that enable it to predict building related energy flow patterns, based on building dimensions, mass, glass, uses, orientation, etc.

Target audience: companies that work in office buildings (like banks and insurance companies); ompanies reliant on technically complex installations of building facilities (such as the telecommunications sector and certain production companies like pharmaceutical and micro-technological companies); the government and semi-governmental institutions (like ministries, municipalities, museums, educational and research institutions); the healthcare professions (hospitals, nursing homes, care centres); the aviation-related field - worldwide it takes care of the technical development of airports (buildings and many specific facilities varying from runway lighting and communications systems to customs facilities and fuel systems).