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Ecopossible Network

General Info

Ecopossible Network is a non-profit international network and research think-tank supported by public and private institutions which aims to promote understanding and cooperation between the Europe Union, Latin American and Asia public and private operators involved in environmental policies, renewable energy and sustainable urban development.

Areas of expertise: Ecopossibleā‚¬s role is to create a link for government and entrepreneurs who are implementing energy projects and to support the transfer of technologies and know-how. In doing so, Ecopossible projects as a fly-wheel, multiplier and disseminator of knowledge, a facilitator for alliances, a promoter of networking and a catalyser to encourage the exchange of best practices and technical cooperation between European-Latin American-Asian.

Ecopossible Network participates in the following areas: eolic energy, biomass, hydroelectric, photovoltaic, energy efficiency, bioenergy.

Target audience: Ecopossible aims to facilitate the development networking and partnerships between individuals, organisations and institutions that have an interest in Environmental-Energy-Urban sectors. Also, multiutilities, energy producers and distributors, energy generation equipment distributors, companies that develop renewable or generation of energy projects, consultants on energy efficiency in the industry and civil sectors.