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CDM Group - Castello di Monteserico srl

General Info

CDM Group is a consultancy formed by professionals from complimentary backgrounds with an underlying commitment to Renewable Energy and its role in providing clean, reliable energy in the future. The company is dedicated to the provision of practical, cost effective advice to allow clients to maximise both commercial and environmental added value. This is achieved through the integration of Renewable Energy technology within their operations and products. The company contains the expertise to advise on the role Renewable Energy can play in a client's business and also project manage its implementation within agreed budgets and timescales. It has established a client orientated presence in the market place, committed to promoting Renewable Energy as a unified concept rather than a collection of disparate themes. This ensures the client receives a balanced view of how Renewable Energy can assist their business in the following areas:
  • Improving its return value on expenditure.
  • Enriching its local environment.
  • Enhancing its public environmental profile.

The activities of the CDM Group are focused on: wind, PV, and biomass\biogas

Clients who can benefit from this technology include:

  • Farms and agricultural co-operatives.
  • Those seeking an energy solution for isolated or off-grid locations.
  • Industrial and Commercial enterprises.
  • Government bodies such as schools and local authority canteens.
  • Sewage treatment plants (Water Companies).
  • Organisations seeking sustainable energy for communities in developing countries.

CDM Group's services include advice and solutions on:

  • Potential for energy production.
  • Suitability of input Crop or Waste selection.
  • Analysis of potential gas generation.
  • Economic Viability, including availability of grants and other financial incentives.
  • Feasibility of the range of installation options such as: Most appropriate processing system and System sizing.