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La Tene Maps

General Info

La Tene Maps primarily produces maps showing renewable energy projects in place in relationship to National Electricity Transmission and Distribution grids as well as other traditional generating sets eg: Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Power. The company generally produces these maps in association with local or national associations and the printed copies are widely distributed free. Digital copies are generally sold. The company also produces educational material designed for broad audiences and has begun producing educational material for Aquatic Renewable Energy Technologies as part of the Aqua-RET project (Leonardo da Vinci).

The company is continually working in the renewables sector and specialises in producing maps and educational posters that have never been done before. It is aiming to produce a Europewide set of maps on renewable energy topics which can be used by a wide audience for education and planning purposes. Details on the maps available can be found on the website.

Areas of expertise: producing Innovative graphics (Maps and Posters) which can be used for changing citizens' behaviour, dissemination of information, Planning. La Tene Maps works across the full spectrum of Renewable Energy Technologies at both small and large scale.

Target audience: full range of people interested in Renewable Energy. In reality the main users of the maps are Renewable energy developers, Utilities, Technology Developers, Suppliers to the various segments of the Renewable Energy Industry, Government and Planners.