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UAB Termotechnika

General Info

UAB Termotechnika works in:
  1. Design and installation of boilers, boiler plants, burners, technological equipments;
  2. Installation of new combustion technologies;
  3. Implementation of air purification technologies (for NOx and other gaseous emissions), waste incineration and thermal utilization;
  4. Organization of energy audits, advice on energy use efficiency;
  5. Advice on implementation of the requirements set forth in EU directives on energy resources and environmental, improvement of energy efficiency and use of local, renewable and waste energy resources;
  6. Analysis of thermal equipment and energy systems.

Areas of expertise:

  • Combustion technologies,
  • Energy systems,
  • Energy auditing and advice on energy issues,
  • Energy efficiency in buildings,
  • Advice on environmental issues.

Target audience: Industrial companies, thermal energy producers, producers of thermal equipments, local authorities, energy specialists.