V.I.P. card

Eurobic Toscana Sud spa

General Info

Eurobic Toscana Sud spa works in the following areas:
  • development of RES in South Tuscany;
  • promotion of Tuscan Geothermal Energy Experience;
  • international cooperation about RES with EU and Third Countries;
  • technologically and environmentally equipped industrial areas;
  • development of the Clean Development Mechanism and the Joint Inplementation.

Areas of expertise:

  • changing citizens' behaviour;
  • stimulate development in order to obtain economic and social benefits and to support new businesses;
  • advisory and decision-making assistance (i.e. technical and financial aid schemes targeting local authorities and businesses);
  • promotion of technology;
  • energy efficiency in buildings;
  • dissemination of best practices;
  • stimulate synergy between research policy and market processes;
  • dissemination of information.

Target audience:

  • energy professionals;
  • consumers and End Users;
  • businesses;
  • government and policymakers;
  • renewable energy industries;
  • entreprenurial associations;
  • financial institutions and services;
  • nonprofit sector;
  • academics and professionals.