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Українська біоенергетична асоціація


Ukrainian Bioenergy Association

General Info

The Ukranian Bioenergy Association carries out activities relating to:
  • Distribution and introduction of national achievements in developing bioresource technologies.
  • Utilization and equipment for bioresource treatment and use of renewable energy sources
  • Environment protection
  • Introduction of technologies relating conversion of bioresources into biogas and organic fertilizers in Ukraine.
  • Coordination of efforts and good financial support for its members.
  • Cooperation with governmental bodies, Ukrainian Parliament and other organizations in development and realization of national, governmental and non-governmental development programmes on the technology of bioresources utilization
  • Organizing independent examination of legislative and legal documents of normative character and associated projects which promote bioresource utilization development and environment protection.
  • Distribution, propaganda and use of modern world achievements and engineering for resolving problems

Target audience includes manufacturers of biomass treatment equipment, consumers, companies that specialize in biomass conversion, government authorities, scientific institutions, individuals.