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Federazione Regionale Coldiretti Umbria

General Info

Coldiretti Umbria is a social and economical SMEs representative which supports the rural enterprises, in particular encouraging activities to add value to the environment, promoting the investments in favour of innovation, sustainability and enterprise efficiency.

Activities include:

  • Realising concrete actions to organise and implement an effective and functional management model for the Agro-energy sector.
  • Supporting Rural SMEs to become more competitive and capable to put in practice distributed generation biomass plants, giving more added value to the agricultural SMEs.
  • Planning and creating a settled partnership at European level between public authorities, bank-credit system, research institutes and SMEs to promote Agro-energy solutions to give more added value services to the society.

Areas of expertise: technical assistance for Agricultural, rural and Agro-energy SMEs:

  • environmental and sustainable energy production,
  • technical support,
  • energy supply chain creation,
  • business plan and plant feasibility,
  • professional training;
  • fiscal assistance,
  • internationalisation,
  • negotiation with public authorities and credit institutes,
  • public welfare.

Coldiretti Umbria has a considerable experience in management of communication at european level: workshop, seminars, fairs, events and information actions. Moreover Coldiretti Umbria is the Enterprise Europe Network host structure for Umbria. This status allows it to be a part of the European Commission - DG Enterprise and Industry network, a privileged communication and dissemination channel at European level.

Target audience:

  • SMEs,
  • Public Authorities,
  • Citizens,
  • Research Institutes and Universities.