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IRSSAT - Institute of Research, Development and


Experimentation on the Environment

General Info

IRSSAT, operating in the "non-profit" area, is an association that was founded at the end of 2001 with the intent of participating at the territorial "reconstruction" through the use of alternative and renewable energies with full respect for the environment.

IRSSAT does not only promote its own projects, but it also acts as a consultant, helping those who are willing to undertake research, development and/or experimentation actions (these may be single citizens or enterprises, although not formally inserted in the academic world or out of the area of traditional research).

The main objectives of IRSSAT are:

  1. research into the development and experimentation of models of urban and territorial evolution based on energetic self-sufficiency,
  2. to set-up projects aiming at creating an efficient system of treatment of urban solid waste, in congruity with the urban context where it will be inserted.

Areas of expertise:

  • new urban development models,
  • changing citizens' behaviour,
  • energy demand optimisation,
  • energy efficiency in buildings,
  • energy auditing and
  • promotion of new technologies with reference to RES.

Target audience: local actors of communities or municipalities, without limiting to only administrators and citizens.