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General Info

Bionorte is a private company which main activity is biofuel production from used cooking oils. Its main shareholder is Isastur Group, specialized in turnkey projects for industrial and energy generation, transport and distribution facilities.

The plant was founded in 2001 with a production capacity is about 4.000 tonnes/year using different kind of vegetable oils, and two main objectives:

  1. Recycling and transformation of used and raw vegetable oils coming from different origins, in a first stage cooking oils coming from Canary Islands and northwest of Spain, into biodiesel for transport.
  2. Carrying out research, development and demonstration activities centred on the production process, and oriented to produce a replicable model of efficient biodiesel production plant.

Recent R&D and demonstration projects are listed below:

  • 2003. "Biodiesel demonstration in Asturias" Four units of public bus running on pure biodiesel during three months. Pilot project in cooperation with other regional companies and authorities.
  • 2006. "Biodiesel from used cooking oils: new production and purification processes." Funded by Spanish Ministry of Environment.
  • 2006. "Development of reactor and continuous process technologies for biodiesel production from used cooking oils". Funded by Spanish Ministry of Industry and FICYT Asturias Regional Government.
  • 2005. "Optimal operation conditions for biodiesel production at an industrial scale". Funded by Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.