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The Renewable Energy Centre

General Info

The Renewable Energy Centre is an online resource designed to actively promote energy efficiency and encourage the use of energy efficient and renewable technologies in the UK.

The Renewable Energy Centre website pulls a wealth of information into one central online location and gives:

  • A practical introduction to renewable technologies,
  • Local and national directories of contractors and suppliers,
  • Advice on technology choices and installation,
  • Links to community, trade organisations and government contacts,
  • Information on sources of funding and
  • Diary of UK and International conferences and exhibitions.

Areas of expertise: development of online services and establishment of these services as authority sites in each particular sector. It disseminates information and encourages use of renewable technologies.

Target audience:

  • Homeowners who are interested in renewables and energy saving,
  • commercial companies looking to improve cash flow and reduce their carbon footprint and
  • Builders, developers and project managers looking for alternative technologies.