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General Info

TTZ Bremerhaven is an independent provider of research services that offers European project management services for projects related to energy and/or the environment, dissemination of information or coordination.

Areas of expertise: NetBioCoF (Integrated European Network for Biomass Co-firing) aims at establishing a biomass co-ordination platform. The objective is to promote European co-operation between research organisations devoted to biomass co-firing, promoting the uptake of innovative technologies, in order to expand the use of biomass co-firing in new and existing power plants. NetBioCoF helps the EU to reach a 21% of renewables in electricity share by 2010. The first Conference on Biomass co-firing will be held in Budapest, from 2nd to 4th July 2007, bringing together the 25 partners from 19 European nations. All the topics regarding biomass co-firing will be covered. Discussion and exchange of experiences will be enabled on: the latest advances, the barriers to overcome, and the role in the future of this renewable source of energy.

NetBioCoF also has a strong component on dissemination of the latest findings in co-firing and information exchange among the partners and the scientific community. A public on-line database was launched on its web page: reports who were produced as a result of each task, and other relevant information, are uploaded and made available to the general public. This database has proven successful, showing a high number of downloads in the documents available so far.

More information can be found on the NetBioCof web page: www.netbiocof.net