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General Info

Florento-BG is a Bulgarian company specialised in the development, propagation and use of biomass fiber crops for an environmentally friendly production of biomass. Its vision is to be a green link to assure a better environment for future generations. Under the name of Biomass Energy Systems, Florento-BG is developing new high energy fibre crops as a source of renewable energy for solid and liquid biofuels, like biodiesel, bio-ethanol and biomethanol.

Florento-BG's products and services form a sustainable solid chain in modern biomass production, not only for the production of solid and liquid biofuels, but also for certified cellulose pulp from non-wood resources for the paper industry. Its vision is that the demand for paper products will increase steadily because of the electronic communicative revolution. Non-wood fibres offers endless opportunities in modern environmentally pulping and tree-free papermaking.

The third application for its fibre crops is their use in building construction utilizing non-wood fibres and earth-friendly binders as an alternative to wood-based panels.

Florento-BG aims to provide a customer-oriented service in biomass projects ranging from the production of basic plant materials to end-use products.