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Municipal Corporation of the Municipality of Armenous

General Info

The Municipality of Armenon is one of the 70 local authorities of the region of Crete or one from the 25 local authorities of the Chania Prefecture. The total area of the municipality is 55,2 sq. km and represents 2.33% of the prefecture of Chania or 0.66% of the region of Crete. The total population of municipality is 3,250 people and represents 2.16% of the total population of the prefecture of Chania or 0.54% of the region of Western Crete.

The municipality is located near Chania and Souda, in the Eastern department of the prefecture of Chania with a small coastal front on the North. The wider beach area attracts quite a lot of tourism. The more developed areas are those of Chania - Souda and Georgioupolis. Thus, the municipality of Armenon is placed in a tourist area while at the same time maintaining its traditional rural character (olives, citrus fruits, fruiterer and livestock-farming).

The municipality geographically belongs to the area of Apokorona. It is known not only for its natural beauty but for its rich history and constitutes a real gem for the prefecture of Chania. It consists of the Municipal Districts of Kalives, Armenoi, Nio Chorio, Stylos, Machairoi, Ramni and Cares, as well as the settlements of Tsivaras, Provarma, Samona, Farragi, Chiliomoudou and Kyriakoselia.

Throughout the summer months, visitors can enjoy the water at Kalives, at the beaches Maistrali and Xydas, both of which have been awarded with the Blue Flag, as well as the beaches at Glaros, Kyani Akti and Kera. Bathers can enjoy the crystal clear waters for more than four months a year due to the mild climate. In addition, visitors can walk along the picturesque port and enjoy their evening outing. Visitors can find a range of hotels of the highest standards that cater for even the most demanding needs, as well as traditional taverns and cafes. One can buy a range of things: traditional wine, the local spirit "tsikoudia", food products, traditional handicrafts, gifts and souvenirs.

The Municipality of Armenon has established a company, the "Municipal corporation of the municipality" whose objective is the social, financial and cultural development of the area in close cooperation with the local, regional, national and European counterparts. It organises events of cultural content, traditional dances, a traditional festival in the mountainous villages and carnival festivities in the Kalives.