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Diputación Provincial de Castellón

Castellon County Council

General Info

The main objectives and competencies of Castellón County Council are the following:
  • To promote the socio-economic development of the municipalities of Castellón.
  • To provide the municipalities with different services.
  • To administer and promote provincial interests.
  • To provide technical help to all the municipalities, especially those with fewer resources.
  • To promote public supramunicipal services.

Areas of expertise: The Department which will be involved in the project is the Internal Engineering Unit, which is a section of the Technical Department of Castellón County Council. This unit is in charge of the following duties:

  • Maintenance of the different installations of Castellón County Council ( in all the buildings: administrative, socio-cultural, farming and cultural buildings):
    • Electrical installations(medium and low tension);
    • Gas installations;
    • Hydraulic installations;
    • Telecommunications;
    • Thermal (air-conditioning, central heating, etc).
  • To provide technical assistance to the municipalities of the province with a population under 5000 inhabitants, with regard to the above-mentioned installations.

Target audience: The province of Castellón is located in the East coast of Spain and is made up by a total of 135 municipalities. Finally, since last year Castellón County Council is working as partner in a project regarding renewable energy called RURALSOL and financed by INTERREG III B SUDOE. The main objective of this project is to restore using bioclimatic architecture a provincial building which will work as a Local Energy Agency.