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Azienda Speciale Della Camera Di Commercio Di Firenze

General Info

Promofirenze is the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence that supports the development, the start up and the international expansion of Florentine companies. It is also a Euro Info Centre, providing information and assistance to the SMEs concerning the European Union and its institutions and rules on developing EU projects.

Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence Promofirenze promotes the SMEs at European and international level, through several instruments, like exhibitions, participation in fairs, creation of promotional material, organization of special events (e.g. fashion shows), creation of web sites and web portal to promote some specific sectors.

Promofirenze helps enterprises by information services, organization of seminars, and development of community, national and regional projects in order to support the Small - Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to use all the new chances offered by the multimedia communication tools. Its aim is to increase the enterprises competitive ability and the innovative strategies. With the assistance to communication and e-business services, Promofirenze helps the SMEs to do the predisposition of multimedia projects, to develop its business plan and the overall communication.

Through the Internationalisation services Promofirenze organizes:

  • Exhibitions, an important opportunity to know directly the new potential markets and compare them with its own;
  • Trade Missions in emergent Countries, the first and real opportunity to explore news markets;
  • Chance to be personally assisted in the implementation of companies international projects by Personalized Market Research.

Supporting activities for SMEs are provided also through a network of international offices. These desks, managed directly by Promofirenze, are situated in: Mosca, Tokyo, Pechino, Bombay, Bruxelles, Chicago, S. Paolo of Brazil and Lima. Internationalisation services also involve incoming that is set up by the Territorial Marketing Area whose aim is to change the presence of foreigner operator, in business opportunities in Florence area by sponsoring local partnership and capital acquisition.

Areas of expertise:

  • dissemination activities (also on specific energy issues),
  • direct contact with the SMEs,
  • promotion of the sustainable development;
  • organization of conferences, meetings, matchmaking events,
  • follow up activities.

Target audience: SMEs, Business Associations, chambers of commerce, BICs, EICs, IRCs, micro-enterprises.