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UBC Energy Commission

Union of Baltic Cities

General Info

The UBC Energy Commission is located in Oskarshamn, Sweden. The agenda of the UBC Energy Commission will initially concentrate on:
  • Renewable energy (hydro, wind, wave and bio-energy).
  • The possibilities of increasing efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions within the transport sector.
  • Best practises in the field of energy efficiency and savings
  • and the power supply grid including security of supply.

The Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) was founded in GdaƱsk, Poland in September 1991 with the aim of developing cooperation and exchange between its member cities. The main goal of the UBC is to actively contribute to the democratic, social, economic and environmentally friendly development of the Baltic Sea area for the benefit of the citizens living in the region. UBC also watch over the interests of its member cities towards the national governments and international bodies.