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University of Technology and Life Sciences

Department of Energy and Environment Processors

General Info

University of Technology and Life Sciences works in the innovation, research and development area. The company uses machines of water processing and storage, especially of aeration, cleaning, breaking up and granulating.

It also works in measuring and testing devices for water, energo-media processing, e.g.: for determination of mass of cleaned as well as mass of contamination and pests, for determination of humidity, and density in loose state, for determination of turbine, for water examination, for examination of bio-chemistry properties of water and mass, for estimation of ecology value, for measurement of energy activity etc.

It also aims to improve water-sewage economy, and non-conventional construction, problems and energy resources.

Areas of expertise: energy efficency in technology, research, development and innovation of rational use of energy, renewable energy sources-materials, and transport through hands-on activities (Active Learning - AL). Energy, materials and informations monitoring (EM) will be the basis for the activities.