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ICA - International College Albena

General Info

The International College Albena (ICA) was established in September 1992 under a joint Bulgarian, Dutch PSO project for the cooperation of the Dutch government with Central and Eastern European countries. On April 2, 1998, the Accreditation Council of the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation awarded initial institutional accreditation to International College Albena. Subsequently, the new higher education school was approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria (Ordinance dated 23.08.1998) and opened, following a decision of the Bulgarian Parliament dated 05.05.1999 (The State Gazette 44/1999).

The ICA is a recognised initiator and partner in many projects related to sustainable development, tourism, agriculture and food processing at national, European and international level.

Areas of expertise: sustainable development, eco-tourism, energy efficiency in the tourist sector, energy efficiency in agriculture and food processing.

Target audience: tourism Companies, tourism Managers, SMEs, agricultural companies, food processing business, landowners, branch and development agencies and organisations.