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China Enterprise Confederation

General Info

China Enterprise Confederation works to promote innovative energy efficiency and RES technologies in industry, municipal energy sector and buildings. The CEC-CEDA focuses on technology transfer, capacity building, and also facilitates energy efficiency policy at national, regional and municipal levels. The CEC-CEDA assist Chinese central and regional governments on policy design. The CEC-CEDA encourage co-operation with international partners and assists on technology transfer and parter search in China and abroad.

Areas of expertise: capacity building, training, seminars, workshops, conferences. Promotion of innovative energy efficiency technologies suitable for use in industry, buildings and transport sectors: CHP, efficient coal combustion, co-firing with biomass, district heating, process heat in metallurgy, machinery and chemical industries.

Target audience: industries, metallurgy, heat and power production, machinery, chemical and petro-chemical, pulp and paper enterprises, Municipalities: public and residential buildings and district heating providers.