Amministrazione Provinciale di Vibo Valentia

Year created: 1992 No of staff: 400

Sources of Funding

40% - National
20% - Regional
40% - Local

C/da Bitonto ex palazzo ENEL
Vibo valentia`

39 392 0464475
39 0963 997261

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Primary contact

External consultant Pasquale LUZZO

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General Info

Amministrazione Provinciale di Vibo Valentia aims to:
  • enhance the production of renewable energy in the territory of the province of Vibo Valentia,
  • increase the rational use of energy for energy saving,
  • encourage and support the diversification of the renewable energy production and
  • promote more efficient utilisation of energy.

Areas of expertise:

  • promotion of energy efficiency,
  • changing of best practices with partners,
  • solar energy,
  • dissemination of information in the civil society and
  • promotion and realisation of renewable energy in the territory.

Target audience:

  • policy makers,
  • civil societies,
  • enterprise organisations,
  • workers' organisations,
  • universities,
  • SMEs and
  • representatives of consumers.