German ProfEC GmbH

Professional energy and environmental consultancy

Year created: 2007 No of staff: 6

Sources of Funding

25% - European
25% - National
50% - Private

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General Director Andreas JANSEN

General Info

The enterprise German ProfEC GmbH was established in May 2007, with the goal to offer result-oriented services within the field of sustainable power generation, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

It considers that in contrast to renewable energy systems, sustainable energy systems use not only renewable energy sources, but also consider an approach, which satisfies the needs of today's generations, without limiting the possibility for future generations to also satisfy their needs.

It also views sustainability as an essential aspect for a more balanced distribution of prosperity and welfare as thereby social, economic and ecological aspects are considered appropriately and harmonized with each other. A target can be reached, without notable results. Therefore German ProfEC GmbH focuses on a result-oriented approach within all activities. From this results the following mission:

Supply of result-oriented services in the field of sustainable energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection in developing and threshold countries, by the inclusion of world-wide competences.

German ProfEC GmbH is, by its focus on sustainable development, sustainable energy, water supply, poverty alleviation and education, supporter of the United Nation Millennium Development Goals (UN MDG).

Areas of expertise: The enterprise German ProfEC GmbH has as goal to offer result-oriented services within the field of sustainable power generation, sustainable development, energy efficiency and environmental protection in developing and threshold countries.

The core activities of German ProfEC lie in the following areas:

  • Know-how,
  • Project analysis, project evaluation and risk analyses,
  • Financing support,
  • Analysis of electrical systems,
  • Energy-contracting,
  • Tender assistance,
  • Promotion of the transfer of technology,
  • Environmental compatibility studies,
  • Energy-political consultation and conception of plans of action,
  • Education and training initiatives, instrument planning and
  • Mediation.

German ProfEC specialises in international project consultation, planning and realisation of renewable energy projects and sustainable development projects.

Target Audience: developing and threshold countries, whose needs for (sustainable) energy supply and environmental protection are ample. Other customers include:

  • Project developers,
  • Banks, Financers or investors,
  • Local, regional, national or international governments and NGOs,
  • International development organisations and
  • Education institutions and government offices with education or training requirements regarding energy, environment and sustainability.