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Apitco Ltd

General Info

Apitco Ltd aims to:
  • to promote awareness among the industrial sectors and municipal bodies about the significance of energy conservation to achieve tangible savings in energy bills and to ensure lower costs of production;
  • to assist industry and local bodies in the endeavour to optimise energy use by extending expert services in energy audit and implementation;
  • to help harness cleaner and abundant renewable energy resources;
  • to assist and advise Government Institutions plan and implement energy conservation plans and
  • to help the Government in its efforts to bridge the gap between demand and supply of energy through planning and implementation of energy conservation programmes.

Areas of expertise: biomass and other renewable energy and industry sectors covered for energy audits and energy conservation projects, pulp and paper, textiles, steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, hospitals, metallurgical, cement, large commercial complexes, food and dairy, glass, rubber, leather, enginnering, sugar, fertilisers, hotels, power plants and PVC/polymer/plastics.