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Bowland Bioenergy Ltd.

General Info

Bowland Bioenergy Ltd was created to act as an independent focal point for people who wish to utilise wood energy for space heating and industrial spaces.

Based on the Downham estate in Lancashire fuel wood chipped for boilers is being produced from its own and neighbouring estate woodlands. Production of pellets for use in smaller domestic stoves and boilers is currently being evaluated with a view to commencing local production. Customers include government organisations, private estates and charities.

All the participants in the project are brought together by the company thus simplifying the selection and procurement process.

Services offered include:

  • Advice on all aspects of utilising woodfuel
  • Site surveys and costings of installations
  • Assistance with boiler selection
  • Enabling boiler installation and fuel stores
  • Fuel supply
  • Ash removal and arranging boiler servicing

For owners of woodland Bowland Bioenergy can:

  • Provide a chartered forester to advise on woodland management
  • Harvest woodland
  • Chip harvested timber on site for use by the owner
  • Purchase timber