V.I.P. card - Energy Agency

Dolnośląska Agencja Energii i Środowiska


Lower Silesia Energy and Environment Agency

General Info

Together with Lower-Silesian Foundation for Sustainable Development, DAEiS - Dolnoslaska Agencja Energii i Srodowiska started to provide education on a large scale for users, designers and executors.

DAEiS has organised annual seminars, the "Conservation Energy Days" to which it invites local self-governments, common ownership, co-operatives and property owners to take part in the seminars.

The interest in DAEiS' actions has expanded beyond Wroclaw Districts borders, requiring the organisers to have access to specialists who work on saving energy. Predicting such a need DAEiS has formed a Sustainable Development Association and opened two new centres to operate in the Poznan and Opole districts.

DAEiS has formed an interdisciplinary team of experts working on sustainable development in civil engineering regarding the global changes in ecosystems. Civil engineers, an architect, preservation-of-environment and sanitary engineers, a planner, a computer scientist, a lawyer and an economist are in the team.

DAEiS is interested in designing sustainable houses and settlements. It puts emphasis on rational use of renewable energy. It also helps organise clean and energy-saving production in industry.