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The City of the Sun Counter for Sustainable Development

General Info

The City of the Sun Counter for Sustainable Development is a promotional, communicative and education action working to improve the awareness of the public institutes, people and students about the financial opportunities and objectives given by the CEE legislation to create a model of sustainable society development.

This target should be achieved by using specific products and technologies through a promotional activity as follows:

  • Speech on the main local and regional magazines and newspapers;
  • Info e-mail and newsletter service;
  • Free access Internet portal info;
  • First approach consulting service;
  • Events organization in collaboration with category associations and public institutes;
  • Video conference information exchange;
  • Participation to the European programmes (see Notebook 21);
  • Training activities for students and installation technicians made in collaboration with the field associations;
  • Internet links, information and experiences exchange with other similar companies.

The City of the Sun Counter for Sustainable Development would like to create a positive cultural approach of the public opinion about a model of the sustainable urban development by using all the financial instruments actually available. This target should be reached by evidencing that this model of life can surely guarantee same level of comfort paying attention to the environmental aspects such as:

  • Urban traffic with CO2 zero emissions:
  • Tourist development of the beauty and important places in LAZIO Region, reaches of history and monuments;
  • Cultural traditions to save;
  • Impact on the environmental aspects joined to the industrial area mainly destined the ceramic production;

Areas of expertise: to sensitize the associations of category, the public corporations, the citizens, on the thematic tied up to the use of energies renewable alternatives in the various sectors of the economy, besides the application of bioclimatic principles to all the building typologies on existing buildings or in retrofit our objective is the search of a model of sustainable development from the energetic point of view to apply to the urban spaces that allows the European and Italian legislation to create positive financial flows for the corporate body freeing them medium-term from the almost totality of the tied up fixed costs to the energy and its use.

Target audience: Associations of category, public corporations, small and medium industry, artisans, agriculturists, dealers, city consumers and first information.