Centro Osservazione Energia

Year created: n.a. No of staff: n.a.

c/o Finaosta SpA<br/>Via Festaz, 22

39 0165 548737
39 0165 548470

Web site: http://www.regione.vda.it/energia

Primary contact

Project Manager Barbara FONTANA

General Info

The Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta (Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley) approved the constitution of the Centro di osservazione avanzato sulle energie di flusso e sull'energia di rete with deliberation n. 1343 of 18 May 2007. The "Centro" is responsible for a series of activities including:
  1. proposals for initiatives and concrete applications of the regional laws in the energy field;
  2. collection and organisation of necessary data to update the regional energy balance and the existing environmental-energy plan;
  3. identification of actions and priority areas for the application of the plan in order to guarantee significant results in the short-medium term;
  4. constitution of an information desk;
  5. dissemination of information regarding RES and RUE to all levels of the community and training for schools, professionals and municipal technicians.