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Centro Osservazione Energia

General Info

The Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta (Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley) approved the constitution of the Centro di osservazione avanzato sulle energie di flusso e sull'energia di rete with deliberation n. 1343 of 18 May 2007. The "Centro" is responsible for a series of activities including:
  1. proposals for initiatives and concrete applications of the regional laws in the energy field;
  2. collection and organisation of necessary data to update the regional energy balance and the existing environmental-energy plan;
  3. identification of actions and priority areas for the application of the plan in order to guarantee significant results in the short-medium term;
  4. constitution of an information desk;
  5. dissemination of information regarding RES and RUE to all levels of the community and training for schools, professionals and municipal technicians.